So here it is!  These are my labels!  I am so thrilled with how they turned out thanks to the lovely Mandy at Cherries On Top!  I’m sure I have driven her nuts with changing this and changing that but it is finally exactly how I wanted it to be and is off to the label maker!

As for your pics…Chris in California, my trusty seamstress, has shipped some of the samples to me today so I should be able to get some starter pics up by next week.  Now, remember…I will have a newborn and will be recovering from a C-section but I will do my best to post what I can for my devoted fans! HAHA…I don’t think I have any of those yet except for friends and family but hey, you have to start somewhere right?

I may be a bit ahead of myself but I have already found the fabrics i want to use for Mustard Pie Fall 2010…am I jumping the gun here?  I don’t care because this fabric keeps me up at night!  It is so delectible I will not be able to rest until I get some of it in my hands to create with!  I literally have been having to take Tylenol PM ever since I found it just to calm my mind from thinking up new fantabulous designs from it:) I know, I’m a dork but it’s what I love!  So, I’ll post a few pics of that once I get it to give you a little sneak peak of what’s to come.  Until then, only two more days of the belly!!  YES!!! Can’t wait to meet this little maniac who has already given all of us grey hair, literally in my case (4 or 5) and he’s not even here yet! What a pistol!  Wish me luck!!!;)TTFN