ENK Here we come!!  I just hope we have as much of a positive response as I have had from everyone who has already seen the line…we will soon see:) Wish me luck!  I am so overwhelmed and excited and nervous I don’t think I will be sleeping for a few weeks. لعبة بوكر   That may also have something to do with my 3 month old who still wakes up twice during the night…uggh! العاب تجيب فلوس   Hopefully that will change soon. لعبة قمار للايفون   I love the people who tell me I will never sleep again.  Thanks for the support people! 

So, on another topic of stress…we are moving in less than two weeks and our house is not even close to packed.  How do you pack up five years of memories?  And HOW do you pack up a basement full of Cr@p??? It’s going to be a rough few weeks but I’m sure we’ll get it done.  Now on to what you may be waiting for…my photog is working on the Official Mustard Pie Spring/Summer 2010 pics as we speak so hopefully I will have everything up on the site for your veiwing pleasure by the end of next week.  Until then, to wet your appetite, here are a few sneak peaks…