So he is officially here!  And I am a mother of two…wow! العاب سلوتس   I’m so happy to finally have everyone home together from the hospital and we are all doing great.  Well, that is except for my daughter McKenzie who isn’t quite thrilled about the idea of a little brother yet…but she is getting there. روليت مباشر   Today she did cover him up with her Abby Cadabby blanket while I was feeding him and gave him a hug and a kiss so we’re making progress:)

As for the work…most people think I’m crazy doing work just 3 days after a c-section but it had to be done! Fabric selections had to be made and I am still waiting for my first set of samples so I can post pics for you all to see! I did find the most fabulous photographer who will be doing my Spring line shoot so I can’t wait to get the samples to her and bring them to life! لربح المال They will be up as soon as I get them! Until then, let me introduce you to baby Tay:)