Ok, so as a new designer to the industry I am still adjusting to the fact that I have to have Fall 2010 samples ready by JANUARY???  I am dreaming of Summer and trying to focus on Fall…not to mention my entire inventory is coming in this week for Spring 2010 so get excited!!  We have decided to sell for a LIMITED TIME ONLY directly off of the website for those of you without a store in your area that carries Mustard Pie:)  The shopping cart should be up and running for your purchasing pleasure in the next few weeks.

As for fall, how cute is this little button up above??? I just love how this pic turned out…and the outfit is cute too:)  That is just ONE of the funky fun pettiskirts from Mustard Pie Falll 2010 Collection…but unfortunately you will have to wait until July to see the rest;)

More exciting news on the horizon is the Vogue Bambini March 2010 issue will be featuring one of our lovely ensembles in their magazine PLUS we will be a part of their fashion show at the ENK Children’s Club Show in NYC the weekend of March 7th!  This was pretty exciting news for me being so new to all of this.  I may not get to go to Milan for the photo shoot but my clothes do!  Send me a postcard;)

Ok…off of the corny path I was headed down and onto what you all are REALLY not interested in…the craziness that is my life.  For those of you who don’t know, my family and I packed up our entire house, stored everything in Pods and moved in with the inlaws for 4 MONTHS!  This was needless to say a bit stressful for ALL involved but it paid off because we are FINALLY in our new house and loving it!!!  McKenzie runs around like a maniac, which she did before but now has a bit more space to do so.  Taylor made his first attempt to crawl last night, at least forwards that is.  I know one thing, when he figures out how to do it we are in TROUBLE!  He NEVER stops moving.  It was the same way when he was in my belly CONSTANTLY moving and kicking.  We are in for a real treat!  But he is the sweetest little man in the whole world and melts my heart everytime he smiles at me with his two bottom tooth drooly smile;)

Now that we have basically unpacked and settled in I can FINALLY relax!!!!…no wait…My first spring ship date is Monday!!! Ahhh!!! Well, I hopefully I can relax in 40 years when all this craziness is a distant and beautiful memory…;)