Oh my goodness…do you ever feel like you are drowning and every time you get a breath above water a wave covers you over and you are once again gasping for air??? OK…a bit dramatic I’ll admit but I am just trying to explain how crazy life has been for me lately!! This weekend was spent packing up the home we have lived in for five years…this is where my husband proposed, where we came home as a married couple, where we got both of our dogs (Lucy and Stella) and where both of our children were born.  Not to mention first steps, first words, first EVERYTHING!!!  But, we are moving on to exciting things!!!  We will finally (hopefully) be moving into a house with a fenced yard (YEAH!!! when you have a very hiper toddler!!! and two adventurous dogs:) So it will be great but still sad to leave all of the memories behind:(

On a very exciting note…the show is in just 2 weeks!!!!  And all the photos of Mustard Pie Spring/Summer 2010 “AKA” Lemon Souffle are DONE!!! Of course, I have not seen them all yet and I feel like I am back in high school waiting for the boy I like to call me!!!  I can’t stop looking at my blackberry to see if my photographer had emailed me to let me know the pics are up for me to look at.  BUT…she did give me a few things to look at to wet the appetite so here you go….:)WC6L4359