Well it has DEFINITELY been WAY too long since I have blogged!  I have to admit I am not very computer savvy and tyring to keep up with the website, blog, facebook and twitter pages is a job in itself!  I am sure some people still enjoy the blog posts so I am really going to try and be better about it;)

Spring 2011 is in full swing and all of your local retailers will have their Mustard Pie goodies within the next few weeks!! Also, keep a watch out for our Totsy Spring sale in March…it’s only 3 days so be sure to mark your calendars when I get the final date;)  We will also be having a twitter party a few weeks prior with a “Ask the designer session” so if anyone has anything they want to know they can fire away!

All of this preparing has just brought to my attention the fact that Mustard Pie IS now an actual company!! It is just so hard to believe how far we have come in the last few years.  Many may not know but this all started just a few years ago as a hobby to make a little side money to splurge on my daughter’s wardrobe;) After getting laid off while on maternity leave, my husband decided that if I was going to keep up my spending habits on my DD’s clothes that I had to find a way to make a little extra to pay for it.  Being ever so crafty as I am;)… I decided to start selling on Ebay.  This would be great!  If Kim Kardashian could do it, so could I and I was going to be the best!

It started by just finding local bargains at Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx and then selling them for just a bit more on Ebay to people who couldn’t find those types of bargains in their local towns. Soon I was doing very well and making not only enough to pay for my daughter’s wardrobe but my own as well!  But… I wasn’t satisfied… this was too easy.  Soon I was lured into the world of “Custom Design”.  It is sadly not as prevalent now as the economy has turned but a few years ago there was an underworld of AMAZING children’s clothing designers on Ebay and Etsy that made the most unique clothing I had ever seen and it was all made to order… ONE OF A KIND! Once I got hooked I knew I had to become one of these designers.

I quickly, within months, taught myself how to sew and serge.  Many people ask me how I did this and it was not an easy task.  But I will tell you I LIVED on design and sewing.  I read anything and everything I could find on new techniques.  I watched tutorials and read blogs on what worked and what didn’t.  But most of all I PRACTICED.  I am a bit of what you would call a “Fabric Addict”.  If I saw a fabric that caught my eye I could not rest until I bought it, put it together with some other glorious fabrics, and created something AMAZING!!  This meant sometimes staying up all night until the final piece was done.

It may be hard to believe but I have grown to be much better at just sewing my idea than trying to draw it so many times that is how I get my ideas across to my pattern drafter.  It turns out much better when I just put it all together;)

Anyway, once I learned how to sew I was hooked.  It started slow making an outfit every other day for practice and creative outlet, until I had a full blown Ebay business making OOAK custom designs for little princesses!  I truly had accomplished my dream!

Or had I???…

And SEW came about my Mustard Pie;) Just as I lay awake thinking of fabric combinations and extra ruffles to add here or there, the night I decided on “Mustard Pie” for the name it just came to me!  Many people ask me how I came up with that and it is a funny story from childhood, but the night I came up with using that as our name I couldn’t sleep!  I KNEW it was the one.  Shortly thereafter, we incorporated and started what is now a dream come true.

Anyway, hopefully I didn’t bore you too much and if I did I hope you just skipped the sewing parts;) I just want you all to know how very much I truly appreciate each and every one of our fans and only hope to keep bringing new and exciting ideas to you with each new season!  And speaking of which I HAVE to show one of my FAVORITES from Fall 2011… Good night and I’ll blog to you all soon!!! xoxo